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Mechanical Anchors

The Mechanical Anchor series is designed to join an oversized anchor to one end of reinforcing steel. The anchor has a machined taper thread which allows for quick alignment and engagement of the rebar. Mechanical Anchors often replace “hooked bars” in end termination applications. The oversized anchor is capable of exceeding the ACI, UBC, A970 and IBC building codes. The embedment lengths and pull out strengths are determined by the structural engineer in compliance with ACI 318.

Features and Benefits

  • The net bearing area of the head, Abrg, meets or exceeds the 4x the nominal rebar area as required by ACI 318, ASTM A970 and ICC ES AC347.
  • Replaces hooked bar and eliminates rebar congestion 
  • Exceeds ACI, UBC, A970, IBC, AS3600 building codes 
  • Provides greater design flexibility 
  • Fast and simplified installation of rebar 
  • Designed for 12mm (#4) through 43mm (#14)
  • Available in Stainless Steel Duplex 2205 / 2304 and other Stainless material